Taking the Plunge

May 13, 2010

Many years ago, I was a competitive swimmer. When my older brother signed up for basketball at our hometown Boys Club in Central Maine, there were no sports teams for girls.  (Title IX was still a few years in the future.)  The swim team took girls, even 6 year olds, so my Mom signed me up. Standing on the starting block, poised and waiting for the start gun, I would savor the seconds before diving, knowing that — at that moment — anything was possible.  And everything would change once I hit the icy water.

Although I’ve known how to knit for more than 30 years, I hadn’t really thought of  myself as a Knitter until about 5 or 6 years ago.  The need to feed my creative side has increased as my children have required less of my physical energy, but certainly more of my mental energy and emotional support.

Knitting is portable, a welcome activity while watching sporting events, theatre performances, dance recitals.

Knitting can be peaceful (if you don’t count the cursing when stitches are dropped or patterns mucked up) and social, too.

Knitting is the perfect activity while just “being present” as a teenager struggles with an assignment late into the night.  “Mom, will you come sit and knit while I work on this paper? It helps me concentrate.”

What was that? The starter’s gun has fired.  Into the pool!


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