Log Cabin Baby Blanket

There’s a new life in the world!  I know that thousands of babies are born each day, but I always feel a special zing when one is born to someone I know.  Michael’s fifth-grade teacher, the wonderful Ms. Ellis, had her first child on Sunday.  Both mama and baby are healthy, and really, what else matters?!

This good news prompted me to put the finishing touches on the blanket that I’d knit for the occasion.  Actually, I started the blanket without having a baby-to-be in mind.  I was looking for something easy to knit as a break from the lace, something I could work on at fast-moving basketball and hockey games over the winter.

Thanks to the wonder women at Mason-Dixon Knitting, I discovered the joys of the Log Cabin Blanket several years ago. Directions and lovely photos here (scroll down to the Feb 15 entry).

first "round" of log cabin blanket

You knit from middle outwards, starting with a rectangle of garter stitch, and building outward from each edge. I started on a work trip; here’s an early shot from the lovely Philadelphia airport.

It’s dead easy to knit — garter stitch all around, plenty of binding off and picking up along the edges.  You finish when it’s as big as you want or when you run out of yarn. I used some cotton Sugar ‘n Cream from my stash, white and a pastel mix.  I’m not thrilled with the spacing of the color, but I’m delighted that it’ll soon be covering a lovely wee little boy.

Log Cabin Baby Blanket

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