Let’s start knitting

I get great joy from teaching others to knit. Pure and simple. There’s something very rewarding about watching someone create something they’ve envisioned and finally be able to hold it in their hands.  All from a very long piece of string (well, yarn).

Earlier this year, I taught a beginner knitting class through the local community education program.  We had a terrific group of women, about 6-8, the maximum number that’s manageable for a class with one teacher.  They were fun, adventurous, warm, and persistent — one cast on the stitches for her hat 4 or 5 times until she got it right. THAT’S a fearless knitter!

Learn a bit of open-work (lace) and make a poncho for a lovely niece:

Knitting in the round with circular needles to make a baby hat:

Garter stitch baby bonnet with banded edge (learn how to pick up stitches).

How about a golf club cover?  Basic stockinette stitch in the round with some decreases, yarn changes if you like, and a pom-pom:

One student completed a baby hat and started another in between two classes!

Adult hat in process:

Lovely lilac baby hat:

What’s your favorite first project?

One thought on “Let’s start knitting

  1. Hi Mary Ann
    Loved the pictures ! I am so proud of you , give a woman a knitted hat and she has a hat for winter, teach a woman to knit a hat and she will teach others to knit for their families. I hope you are enjoying your summer thus far.
    Hugs and kisses


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