What We Celebrate

July 2, 2010

I had occasion to read the Declaration of Independence earlier this week.  While packing some glow-in-the-dark necklaces and red-white-&-blue tattoos to send to Hannah, Kevin, and cousin Phoebe who are away at overnight camp, I was struck by a wave of motherly geekiness.  Perhaps it’s the New Englander in me or maybe the lifelong learner, but I got the urge to send each of these wonderful kids (ages 16.5, nearly 15, and nearly 13) a reminder in what we celebrate on the Fourth of July.

There it was: the announcement of the birth of a nation, in beautifully crafted prose.  A well articulated and supported argument for why those colonies should be able — indeed, had the right — to govern themselves.  Thank you very much, dear monarchy, but we’ve got this one covered.

National Public Radio continued its tradition of reading the Declaration aloud.  Just beautiful, really.  Give a listen and read the text here.

Speaking of birth, Michael’s favorite teacher of all time — the wonderful Niles from the after school program — became a Daddy last week.  Michael designed a special hat for wee Aria, something seasonal.

A very simple cotton hat.  All stockinette, 56 inches around, with evenly spaced decreases to create the lovely swirl on the top.  The brim, such as it is, curls up as stockinette does (which is why all-stockinette scarves don’t turn out right!).  I added 50 “stars” on top — at least, I think I did.  I counted about 4 times and got 50 three times and 48 once.  I hope Alaska and Hawaii don’t feel slighted.


2 Responses to “What We Celebrate”

  1. Dee from Morningside Heights Says:

    Hello, Mary Ann
    Monique sent me an email about your knitting blog. Fantastic! I, too, knit like it was life or death, and I frequently think it is. My life or someone else’s death. Oops. You don’t know me (yet) so you might not understand my “sense of humor”, honed by Barnard, a degree in geology in 1969, dealing with the dense world of men in geology at that time, grad school at Cal Berkeley and so on … But you must know the patten on Ravelry for a pair of fingerless mitts, that says “I knit so I don’t kill people.” Too true.

    I look forward to seeing your blog. Feel free to contact me directly, if you so desire. I live near Berkeley, but luckily not in the People’s Republic thereof!



    • Hi Dee,

      Thanks for the nice note and for reading my blog. It’s a new adventure for me. A different creative outlet than knitting but definitely related.

      We share a 7 Sister connection; I’m a Wellesley grad.

      Best wishes and happy knitting!


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