The Best Laid Plans

September 4, 2010

I’m nothing if not flexible. While planning for our annual August get-away to my in-laws quirky, somewhat rustic island home (no TV or internet but a lovely 1960s rotary phone attached to wall), I was very much looking forward to making lots of progress on the Every Way Wrap.

After the slow-going, lace Cleite shawl, this garmen has just the right ingredients: cables for a bit of challenge, moss stitch for “recovery,” finger-pleasing blend of wool and alpaca (Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in “Cyclamen”).

The day before I left home, I wound about 400 m of yarn into balls, sealed them in a plastic bag, and stuffed it amidst the sunscreen, Yahtzee, wiffle balls, library books, and other summertime necessities.  Oh so clever!

After a couple of good bouts of knitting — by the evening fire as kids played cards, on the beach (sand can be washed out when blocking), in the backyard while sipping a beer — I reached the end of the ball. I dug out the bag of nicely wound yarn and prepared to join.

In the light of day — indeed, the sunshine of a quiet morning — I had a startling realization.  Clearly I love this color — sort of raspberry-fuchsia-purple-pink — since I’d apparently purchased large quantities of very similar yarn! There would be no joining, no inches of wrap created during this respite.  The “real” wrap yarn was back home in my stash, hiding at the back of the cupboard while this imposter had made its way to the front.

So instead of knitting, for the next week I dreamed of what my next project might be, using the lovely Harrisville Highland in “Chianti.”

On the plus side, I finished “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese, learned how to play “Monopoly Deal” (a much more humane form of the dreaded, interminable board game) although I didn’t once beat Michael, rescreened the kitchen door, and completed the annual photo collages — from 2003 and 2007 (I was a little busy in ’04 and ’08 apparently!).


One Response to “The Best Laid Plans”

  1. deemallon Says:

    what a bummer!! there’s flexible and then there’s flexible — a two-tone piece would have been going too far!

    the lace shawl in previous post is outstandingly lovely… I can’t wait to see you wrapped up in it (or is it a gift?)


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