Taking Flight (with Needles)

October 6, 2010

“They let you go through security with those?” the man asked, somewhat incredulously.  We were on a plane, about to take off for a 90-minute flight, one I take for work a couple of times each month.

Every Way Wrap in progress

I glanced down at my size 8 circulars, nestled among the softness of the Every Way Wrap, and then looked up at him with a smile and replied, “They did. The TSA allows knitting needles on planes.  They’re not even as sharp as a pen.” (My seat mate dozed off half-way through the flight, so I was able to sneak a photo of his visibly pointy pen.  Didn’t want to alarm the poor guy.)

The gentleman moved on without smiling, busy with his flight attendant duties, checking for securely fastened seatbelts, upright-and-locked tray tables, and unstowed carry-on bags.

Knitting needles are allowed on airplanes, really and truly. For flights in the USA, here’s the page from the Transportation Security Agency. For those north of the border, needles are OK on flights in Canada, too.  (How else would the Yarn Harlot survive all her flights?!)

Feel free to print the page and carry it with you, if you’re the worrying sort or just in case you feel the need for some back-up.  Circular yarn cutters and scissors aren’t allowed though. Be sure to pack those in your checked bag or leave them at home.

On your next flight, sit back, relax, enjoy your 16.5 peanuts and soft drink, and knit to your heart’s content.


One Response to “Taking Flight (with Needles)”

  1. Anna Gretta Says:

    So nice to have you in my mailbox this morning ! Thanks for the note, now I can start my day in a positive frame of mind with knitting as the base . Hoping you are well today MaryAnn


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