Wee Pumpkin Hat

October 21, 2010

There’s a new life in the neighborhood, so the Every Way Wrap has been cast aside in favor of a hat for the newborn. I chose something seasonal because, well, it’s fun.  (We won’t speak of the two not-fun times that I had to rip back the green on top because I hadn’t read the instructions carefully enough. Baby hats can make a knitter cocky.)

Pattern is from LabPuggleChi; she’s got a host of free patterns for your personal use.

orange infant hat with green stem, leaf & vine

So what if he’ll only be able to wear it for a few weeks?!  His head will grow quickly.

Making a baby hat is like a palette cleanser — a short, sweet break from a more complex experience (like the cabled wrap). Plus it feels so good to finish a project even a small one.  Kind of like including daily basics, like “brush teeth” or “put in contacts,” on your to-do list.

Perhaps a snowflake hat will be in order in December….


One Response to “Wee Pumpkin Hat”

  1. Anna Gretta Says:

    Adorable MaryAnn, so festive for this time of year. Have you tried increasing the size for grownups haha. I hope you have a lovely day, the crisp air carries thoughts of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.


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