Knitting on Deadline

November 13, 2010

One of my favorite sayings, courtesy of a college friend who often finished her papers in the wee hours of the morning, is “Pressure makes diamonds.”  Some of us work well under pressure; others don’t.  I’m somewhere in between — deadlines are motivating, but I don’t always end up with my best product.

I don’t often knit on deadline.  Usually I work on projects at my own pace with no real “due date.”  Even baby hats and blankets are still welcome gifts when the wee one is a few months weeks old.

My most recent project was an exception. My lovely niece requested a scarf for her 13th birthday — a very specific scarf: a Ravenclaw House scarf from the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. After some online research, I learned that the scarf colors were to be navy and bronze.  Bronze?  It’s a metal — not really a color.  Where was I going to find bronze yarn?

Enter the helpful ladies at The Island Yarn Company.  In a mere 15 minutes, they’d come up with the perfect solution.

two yarns to combine to make bronze

Two “yarns” from Feza:  “Teza Taniazi Iplik,” a golden ribbon, and Mezmerize, a copper novelty yarn. Together, they combined to make the perfect bronze.

Ravenclaw scarf knit in Philadelphia taxi

Knowing that someone was waiting for the finished product, I knit as often as possible — even in a slow-moving taxi while on my way to a client meeting (after knitting on the plane, of course).

I’d planned to include a short fringe but encountered two challenges.  The first, fraying ribbon, wasn’t insurmountable once I discovered that the end of the ribbon melted when heated with a match.

The second challenge turned out not to be a challenge at all. The recipient didn’t want a fringe. Whew!

Ravenclaw House scarf

Hoping to get a photo of dear, newly-minted teenager Phoebe sporting her scarf soon.


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