Something novel

January 10, 2012

When it comes to yarn, I’m pretty conservative, so I was surprised at my recent purchase of a skein of the kinda crazy Triana Lux by Katia. Described as a “novelty, mesh yarn,” it’s reminiscent of a fishing net.

You work only with the top series of loops, leaving the rest of the “net” hanging. Since the size of the loop is set, your tension doesn’t matter nor does your needle size.  I used wooden size 9 needles since the yarn was pretty slippery, but it doesn’t really matter what you use. The whole thing was rather slippery and looked like a tangled mess of slightly sparkly cream and grays.

(Yes, those are Christmas tree lights reflected in the table. We keep the tree up until Epiphany. It’s down now, and the house feels a bit naked. To compensate, I continue to knit.)

Since I don’t yet have a photo of the finished product, I’ll introduce you to Barbara, the lovely knitter who convinced me to buy this funky yarn. She’s part of my Mom’s weekly knitting group. More on them later, too.


3 Responses to “Something novel”

  1. Susanne Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you made with it!


  2. Anna Gretta Says:

    Oh how unfair, you cannot possibly tell me your Mom is in a knitting group and leave it at that. A knitting group of ladies with a wealth of life behind them ?? this has the makings of the greatest reality show ever !! Send me a morsel Mary Ann.


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