Quick, sparkly, frilly

January 23, 2012

My mom’s knitting group friend, Barbara, was right when she told me that Triana Lux would knit up quickly. Only 5 “stitches” wide, it’s a very short trip back and forth on the needles.

As I noted previously, the yarn is more like a fishing net than traditional yarn. Since the loops are a set size, your tension and needle size don’t make a whit of difference.

I’m not much of a sparkly, frilly person (and this photo doesn’t show the sparkle well), but I’m a big fan of finishing. And this was fun.

scarf knit with Triana Lux novelty yarn


One Response to “Quick, sparkly, frilly”

  1. Anna Gretta Says:

    Ooooooouuuu, what other colors does it come in ??? Very pretty !


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