Coming Together Quite Nicely

Once I’d learned how to align the two-colored hexagons in the Illusion Cube blanket, the sewing together progressed pretty steadily and easily. I’d sit and sew a bit, then stuff the whole thing into my bag until the next time. I’d grab my bag when I left the house, just in case I found myself waiting somewhere with a few minutes to spare.

Think you don’t have time to knit? Think again. How often do you sit in a waiting room of some kind? Or on the bus or subway? Or while waiting for someone to join you at a coffee shop? Ever sit behind the wheel (parked, of course), waiting for a child to emerge from a building or a sports practice? All prime time to grab the needles and make a bit of progress.

Speaking of prime time, think of the minutes — or hours — in front of the TV.

But back to the blanket. I’m loving the colors and emerging three-dimensionality of it.

Illusion Cube blanket in progress with 3 rows stitched

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