Laugh Track

Cathie thinks she’s read somewhere that the human body needs one good laugh per day to stay healthy. At this rate, we’ll be the healthiest women on the planet — or at least on this cruise.

On Saturday, she, Barb, Mom, and I enjoyed about seven good tear-inducing belly laughs. Yesterday I lost count at five.

Of course, this morning we could barely remember them. One was sparked by a comment about almond milk, which quickly devolved into something about how difficult it would be to milk an almond.

As we waiting for a table at dinner, we looked over a balcony at a lovely three-generation family gathered for a photo to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary, a milestone we thought worthy of a rousing cheer. Either Barb or Cathie commented about “clapping Canadians,” which the other dubbed “Canadians with the clap.”

Like most funny situations, the retelling doesn’t do justice. You had to be there. And I’m really glad I am.

More later on the knitting front. Until then, here’s the four of us before dinner on Sunday. Barb and I are wearing handknit shawls. Mine is lace (pattern is Cleite) and Barb’s looks just like the sea in Bermuda, all lovely “waves” of blues and green.

four knitters on a cruise

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