Virtual High-Five

There are many pleasures to finishing a project:

  • being able to wear or use the completed item;
  • knowing that someone else will be able to wear or use the completed item;
  • anticipation of the gift-giving;
  • moving on to another project (there’s always another project!);

And then there’s the joy in sharing your finished creation with other knitters, who have an understanding of the skill and effort that you put into the piece and who can “ooh,” “aah,” and applaud the details — yarn color and texture, stitches, patterns, tension (the good kind).

Friend and fellow knitting cruise pal Cathie finished a bee-yoo-ti-ful square shawl last week — all by herself, in a bar. Before you picture a solitary knitter, boozing it up in a dingy bar somewhere, please know I’m quite sure that she was in a lovely lounge and waiting for a couple of friends to arrive. At least that’s what she wrote on her phone in the note that accompanied this photo of said shawl. (Pattern is Traffic Furniture by Ann Weaver)


Cathie wrote, “OK, I’m in a bar…but there’s no law against knitting in a bar – as you know. The problem is this … I’m waiting for friend and just finished the shawl. No one was recording, taking pictures and the only cheer was in my head.  I clearly have to block it but …. anyway …. I’m wishing you guys were here.”

Can you relate? How about a virtual high-five for Cathie and her shawl?


2 thoughts on “Virtual High-Five

  1. Lovely, yes, high-fives all around!

    But this is troubling: “…but there’s no law against knitting in a bar…” Really? Does Cathie live in a “concealed-carry” jurisdiction? Isn’t this just asking for trouble? Mixing deadly weapons with alcohol? And in a public setting? (What is this world coming to.)


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