Simply Square

Beauty can be found in the intricate and the simple and, sometimes, in the combination of the two. For example, the Albers Cowl, which takes the simple square and, like its inspiration, Homage to the Square by designer-artist-educator Josef Albers, invites an almost endless interplay of color.

The cowl was the project featured in the cruise workshop on color theory. As you can see from the works in progress, the variety is beautiful.


The knitting itself is quite simple: garter stitch (aka knitting back and forth). There’s also a fair bit of binding off and picking up stitches along the edges.


I’ve used four colors for my first square: apple green (leftover from Color Affection), cream, gold, and black with flecks of purple and green. It’s a log cabin construction, starting with a square in the middle, then adding a thin rectangle along the bottom edge, one up each side, and another along the top.


The second square uses three colors: the very last bits of the apple green, cream, and purple. It’s not yet done, but I like the combination. Pardon the shadow. I was knitting while waiting in line for the ferry and just dropped it on the bricks to snap a quick shot.


What I don’t like is that this square is turning out to be larger (significantly so) than the first. Same needles but the flecked black is a different (smaller) yarn, so that may explain the difference. I’m not going to think about whether I’ll take apart and reknit the black border of #1 — at least, not just yet.

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