Just not sure about the fit

September 28, 2013

I often recommend neck warmers or cowls as a first knitting project. They’re shorter than scarves, provide the opportunity for trying new stitches (garter stitch gets old really fast), and don’t have to fit in the same way that a sweater does. I’m not so sure about the Albers cowl, but I suspect it’s because I have a larger-than-most head.

The design is terrific, and I love the colors even though — or maybe because — they’re beyond my usual palette.


But the size seems off — feels too big to wear just draped (or maybe I’m not very good at draping!).


But wrapping it around twice required a bit too much stretching and pulling (I come from big-headed stock). Plus I ended up feeling quite choked.


If I make another, I think I’ll make it with 4 squares so I can wrap twice. Or, better yet, I’ll measure my squares to ensure that each is 12″ x 12″ rather than 11.5″ x 11.5″. That 1.5 inches can make a difference.


2 Responses to “Just not sure about the fit”

  1. I tend to feel like I’m being choked when I wear cowls, part of the reason I designed my own so that they stayed loose around the neck but still draped well. I really like the design of that pattern but when I looked at the photos on Ravelry the drape doesn’t seem to quite work out on a lot of the photos. It seems too ‘tall’ or needs to be doubled before wrapping – and that has nothing to do with the size of your head ;~)


    • A friend recommended that I fold the Albers cowl in half so it’s not as tall and also doesn’t show a wrong side. That may work, but it wouldn’t allow the full square to show — which might be OK. I’ll need to experiment a bit more. Adding a fourth square would enable double wrapping, at least I think.


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