Lemons into Lemonade (in a knitting sort of way)

October 18, 2013

Friend Rachel, who’s one of the students in my knitting class, had nearly finished binding off her cotton “butterfly” washcloth when she encountered an extra loopy stitch. You know, the last stitch of a row that can be a bit wonky, the one that can leave you with an extra bump after binding off.

Demonstrating that she really is a fearless knitter (in addition to being an intelligent, generous, and witty woman), Rachel deftly turned that odd stitch into a little loop so as to hang the cloth. Turning a mistake into a design element — love it!



3 Responses to “Lemons into Lemonade (in a knitting sort of way)”

  1. […] the knitted wrapping. If you look closely at the video, you can see “memories” of Rachel’s butterfly dishcloth and Monkey’s little […]


  2. Anna Says:

    I am loving your posts MaryAnn, just making me smile very wide, its lovely. What I wouldn’t give to be in one of your classes !!!!


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