Oh The Places You’ll Knit

One of the aspects of knitting that I love is its portability. Most projects can be stuffed into a bag, ready to be pulled out whenever you have a bit of time and, for me at least, when your body will be stationary. Movement and knitting don’t work so well for me!

Think you don’t have much time? That’s another magical aspect of knitting; it can transform time. Waiting for the novacaine to kick in at the dentist’s office? That’s time enough to work a few sock rounds.


Keeping a teenager company as he finishes a paper for school in the wee hours of the morning?


How about waiting for x-rays to be developed and a cast put onto same teenager’s wrist? Trust me, I was knitting for a while but couldn’t resist a photo of cast-in-progress.


Or “watching” a blow-out Superbowl game with two nieces, both of whom are new knitters? Nothing finer!


Add non-driving/non-bike travel (bus, subway, passenger seat, airplane, boat…) and TV or movie watching, and the opportunities are enormous!

2 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Knit

  1. oh broken bones?!! what a bummer. too bad I didn’t have a knitting project going for those many runs… although one of the cast-makers was GQ handsome, so I tended to take a lot of pictures on those visits!


    1. Turns out that Kevin broke his wrist during football season but the pain was never really severe. It’s a bone that has little blood supply so it takes months to heal.
      We’re defying doctors’ orders by not putting it into a permanent cast right away, preferring a removable cast for the rest of hockey season. I figure it’s been four months, so why not a bit longer… (fingers crossed and all that!)


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