A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month

April 27, 2014

Like every knitter I know, buying yarn is one of my favorite activities. Actually shopping for yarn — looking, fondling, planning, dreaming of wondrous projects — is enjoyable in and of itself. With a new skein of beautiful merino or handpainted sock yarn, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Imagine my delight when my sweet husband gave me the gift of new yarn every month for a year. OK, OK, I hinted told him that was tops on my Christmas wish list.

On a cold, rainy April day, this little cardboard box of yummy (Vivacious DK in Deep Aqua by Fyberspates) sure warms the heart.


Thanks, Patrick. xo

2 Responses to “A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month”

  1. Anna Gretta Says:

    Such delicious yarn, and the hubby, he’s a keeper. I opened your blog after returning from a pilgrimage to Halcyon Yarns in Bath. The clerk at the store asked me if I needed any help, “no” I said, “I’ll just stroll around, its like walking through a garden.” BTW ever do a provisional cast on ???? wish me luck !


  2. Patrick Dober Says:

    You are welcome!


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