A Very Dapper Monkey

May 8, 2014

One of Rachel’s daughters has a much loved stuffed monkey whose fur (hair? coat?) has been worn away by years of snuggling.


Lest dear Monkey wear through completely, fearless knitter Rachel decided to create a new, soft covering for the beloved primate. She chose a deliciously soft light brown wool (merino, I think) which she made sure passed the snuggle test with her daughter. She’s no fool, especially when it comes to a pre-teen’s preferences.

She selected a pattern for a doll’s vest, measured Monkey carefully, modified the pattern, and she was off! She even learned how to make a  buttonhole — in this case, a tail hole.

Doesn’t Monkey look pleased?!



2 Responses to “A Very Dapper Monkey”

  1. […] Some of my knitting students used extra yarn from their projects to create segments of what would become the knitted wrapping. If you look closely at the video, you can see “memories” of Rachel’s butterfly dishcloth and Monkey’s little sweater. […]


  2. Anna Gretta Says:

    Oh what fiber fiends are capable of boggles the mind !


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