Baby Sweater in the Bath

June 26, 2014

I’m a proponent of full immersion blocking. In my mind, steam or a spritz just doesn’t give yarn the chance to “bloom” in the way that a good soak does.

After binding off the Baby Steps Cardigan yesterday, I plopped it into a big mixing bowl that I’d filled with tepid water and a few drops of Eucalan.

baby sweater soaking in soapy water

Why the mixing bowl? Because every sink in our house, except for the big kitchen sink, is missing its stopper, making them all unsuitable for filling. Why we’re a stopper-less household, I don’t know, but there we are. I left the sweater on top of the water and returned a couple of hours later to discover it had sunk nicely and was thoroughly soaked.

baby sweater soaking in bowl of water

After a couple of swishes with new water, I rolled the sweater into a towel. I gave it some good squeezes and shaped it on a dry towel, where it’s now drying and resting. The photo doesn’t do justice to the lovely colors, but I’ll remedy that once it’s  truly finished. Next step: find just the right button.


What’s your take on blocking? And what’s on your needles these days?



14 Responses to “Baby Sweater in the Bath”

  1. […] now that the ends are woven in and the whole thing is blocked (a full-water block — I’m committed), I must say it’s […]


  2. angela Says:

    i couldn’t leave a reply on the post so I’m trying here – do you sell the illusion cube blankets??


    • Angela,
      I don’t sell the illusion cube blankets – sorry! Given the time it took to make all those lovely shapes and then sew them together, it would cost a fortune. Do you knit? It’s not a difficult project — just time consuming.


  3. Funny, I have a similar colour on my needles at the mo but a solid green. It is for a baby due next month (NZ winter) and the mum dislikes pink.


  4. I love blocking and the difference pre and post blocking is just amazing. BTW I love your little cardigan. Can’t wait to see finished photos.


  5. Megan-Anne Says:

    I love to use Eucalan. I just picked some up recently and I adore it. The smell is fantastic.


  6. Anna Gretta Says:

    Very pretty sweater MaryAnn, what a lucky wee one that will wear it. As for my blocking………………..I endeavor to be a proper blocker, no more steam irons for me.


  7. Cathie Brayley Says:


    Cathie Sent from my iPhone



  8. Those colors are spectacular together!


    • It’s the magic of the yarn: Manos del Uruguay’s Silk Blend in “mermaid” — I love mermaids!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Danielle. I’ve just followed your blog and look forward to reading more. I’m a native Mainer (or Maine-iac) — grew up in Waterville but now live outside Boston.

      Hope you have great weather and loads of fun at the Strawberry Festival.
      Mary Ann

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Mary Ann! Mermaid is a perfect name for that yarn. Thank you for the follow, I really appreciate it. I know Waterville well! I may not be a native but boy do I love this state. I am looking forward to following your blog as well! Three cheers for Maine!


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