Knitting by the Sea

I had the great good fortune to spend Memorial Day Weekend on my favorite island, surrounded by the sea, fresh ocean breezes, thick evening fog, and lots of testosterone. Yes, it was me, Patrick, and eight young men, ages 17 – 20.


A wonderful time was had by all. On Saturday morning, Patrick and I pinged back and forth from the library computers, printers, and scanners, and the notary at the bank in order to finalize paperwork for the lease on our sweet girl’s new apartment in NYC.

The library had a display of local items made from scrimshaw, including a swift for winding yarn. In addition to mending ropes, lines, and sails, whalers sometimes knit or did macrame. They also carved gifts for the women back home.


These scrimshaw bodkins were likely “used to separate threads or punch holes in embroidery designs.”


Naturally, I made time for my own handcrafting. The dropped stitch shawl is coming along nicely.


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