Tiny Treasures

July 23, 2016

On my daily morning run or walk, my mind shifts from internal – making lists, praying, solving the problems of the world — to external, noticing the sights and sounds around me. I’ve started to pause for a quick photo to record something that captivates me, usually something natural like a sunrise, plants, clouds, wild turkeys (which are simultaneously disgusting and fascinating).

My brother Luke, a talented blogger (go check him out), regularly posts a photo under the “Beauty All Around Me” category. He says that looking for beauty in the world, no matter where he may be, helps him to see the beauty in the world. A helpful exercise any time but especially when life seems dark.

In a little “pocket park,” I came across a collection of lovely Fairy Gardens, part of a local Garden Festival. These tiny worlds were just exquisite, each carefully created from natural and human objects. #BeautyAllAroundMe indeed!

fairy garden with tea set

fairy garden umbrellas

fairy garden with tree hut


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