Circular Needle Wrangling (take 2)

December 27, 2016

I’m committed to circular needles, using them for nearly every knitting project — flat or circular. The exception is socks, for which I use DPNs because it’s easier for me to keep track of the heel and gusset shaping with three needles. But more explanation of that quirk can wait until a future post.

I’m still loving my new circular needle organizer, but I realized recently that many circulars need to “relax” a bit before they can be used — or organized — easily.


My tip for straightening the curly cable of circular needles is to immerse it into hot water —  not boiling, just barely simmered. Hold the needles and immerse the cable into the water for 30 seconds or so. Be sure the burner is off; you don’t want to melt the plastic cable.


Lift one needle and allow gravity to pull the cable straight. You can hold a dishcloth and pull it along the length of the cable. The plastic cable will cool pretty rapidly, and you’ll be left with a much straighter and much more manageable circular needle.



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