July 9, 2018

Last week, while Mom and I hung out together and did our best to find refuge from the heat wave, Patrick took a quick trip to Cape Cod for a reunion with some of his cousins. He was pleasantly surprised to encounter nearly no traffic slow-downs on the nearly two-hour trip. Everyone who was heading to the beach to escape the heat had already arrived and was staying put as long as possible!


Over the course of less than 24 hours, he savored walks on the beach, a feast of fresh seafood — including oysters harvested just outside the front door — catching up with cousins, and a tea party and iPad games with the youngsters.

He returned home with two tangible treasures: the last yarn from the stash of beloved Aunt Mary Ann, a wonderful woman and prodigious knitter who died a couple of years ago.

What shall I make with these approximately 1,000 yards of cotton? I welcome any and all suggestions.


A walk on the beach yielded another treasure, which now sits at my bedside: a reminder that love is all around us; we just have to keep our eyes (and hearts) open for it.







2 Responses to “Treasures”

  1. Sarah C. Mills Says:

    Remember me from Smith? A dear knitting friend made me 3 hand-knit face cloths, which I graciously accepted and knew I’d probably never use – don’t tell her ;-) Well, in this wicked Maine heat and humidity, I soaked one in cold water, and the cotton yearn that looks just like your picture absorbed enough but didn’t drip, so I tucked it at the back of my neck where it sat for over an hour, still feeling cool!! When I told her how I’d used it, she said she’d make me a long one to go around my whole neck! (Each of the 3 was a different pattern, but all were in combinations of that beautiful yellow and a coordinating fern-green.


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