Knitting in the Whirlwind of Life

August 18, 2018

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind in this little corner of the world. And as I’ve wondered many a time — including on the blog — how do non-knitters weather the storms of life?

For example, when your brother drives your Mom to the doctor’s office after she’s woken with a fever, uncontrollable shivering, and even more confused than usual — what do you do if you can’t concentrate on your knitting in the back seat?

On two consecutive nights last week, Mom spent seven hours in the hospital emergency room.  On the second evening, while she dozed and we waited for a room to become available, the Barley Light baby hat kept my hands and mind occupied and mostly calm.


Diagnosis: pneumonia (albeit with no cough or shortness of breath). After a day or so of IV antibiotics and with continual supplemental oxygen, Mom was able to walk slowly.


The network of nearby siblings, spouses, and (grand)children made it possible for us to tag-team each other, so she was rarely alone. The baby hat finished, I brought in a friend’s entrelac blanket for finishing touches — weaving in ends and closing up loose connections.


I’m confident that our being present to translate the questions and actions of the medical staff and to provide encouragement and comfort (including watching our Red Sox continue their remarkable season), especially at times when the fear and incomprehensibility of Mom’s world overwhelmed her, helped her healing progress.

By Wednesday, when her oxygen monitor was removed from her finger, even she was able to knit.


Although she won’t believe it until she’s in the car, she’s going home later today. The recuperation will continue in the comfort and familiarity of her apartment. I’ll be casting on a new project soon, doing my best to knit gratitude and love into each stitch.




7 Responses to “Knitting in the Whirlwind of Life”

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  3. BETTY Stocks Says:

    Mary Ann,

    I am so grateful that I HAVE YOUR BLOG TO KEEP UP WITH NANCY, lOOKS LIKE A GOOD OUTCOME BUT SCARY TO HEAR THAT SHE WAS ILL. Please continue your bloging, Betty Stocks


  4. Kit Dunsmore Says:

    Knitting is so vital to staying calm and feeling productive when you have to wait, especially at the hospital. My challenge at such times is having a project that is portable and doesn’t require too much concentration (or I will make horrible mistakes), but also isn’t boring. I’ve become the queen of socks… and am looking for other small projects for my needles. Any suggestions?


    • Baby hats or sweaters are portable options. I’m a sock lover too and usually stick to a plain vanilla pattern that I’ve got memorized (so I don’t have to think!). Another small project is a simple lace candle cover – to wrap around a glass jar. Thanks for reading and sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kit Dunsmore Says:

        I have my sock pattern memorized, too. I guess I need to memorize more patterns! LOL I like the jar cover idea. Thanks.


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