Wrapped in Love

August 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, a package arrived from my dear friend Barbara. Inside was a beautiful just-about-finished Woven Sky Throw and a lovely note asking for my help in completing the finishing touches, like weaving in ends — which proved to be a great activity (i.e. requires very little thinking) while keeping Mom comfortable during her hospitalization.


As I’d discovered on my first entrelac project, the technique brings with it a lot of gaps where the edge stitches are picked up — at least, that was my experience. Barbara’s project was similar, so I closed them up one by one, tidying as best I could.


Two opposite edges had been bound off too tightly, pulling in the corners. I tinked* back back the bind off and then re-bound it off, taking care to do so loosely. The final result wasn’t quite evenly square, but it was closer. A quick swish in the bath, a cool rinse, and then blocking flat were the true finishing touches.

Soon this exquisite creation will belong to Barbara’s granddaughter as she heads off to college, hers to cuddle in good times and bad. I’m confident she’ll be able to feel the love infused in every stitch.


*tink = to un-do stitch by stich (knit spelled backwards)




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