WIP Wednesday: Almost a Sock

March 20, 2019

It only took two (or was it three?) attempts at the Frasier Fir Sock for me to realize that the “gusset and heel flap” and I were not at all compatible. After a self-imposed hiatus of a day or so, I switched to pattern option #2, the German Short-Row heel, and found we could get along quite nicely.

It’s been a while since I followed a chart, but it came back to me pretty quickly — although that whole “pay attention to what you’re knitting” thing was a bit challenging at times.

Checking off each row of the chart helped. I quite like this subtle evergreen pattern.

Perhaps I’ll add it as a variation in a future pair of top-down socks. Of course, I’d have to work the chart from the opposite direction…. We’ll see how that goes.

Sock #1 is nearly done. Although I’m not sure of her foot size, I’m pretty sure who the eventual recipient of this pair will be.

Yikes! The foot looks bigger than the leg, doesn’t it? I’m going to hope that it’s a photographic illusion and carry on with the ribbing.

6 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: Almost a Sock”

  1. […] not a convert to toe-up socks, but learning several new techniques — and practicing my ripping out and reknitting skills — made the Frasier Fir Socks worth the […]


  2. […] intervening decades, that Mom was on to something. Take the Frasier Fir Sock pattern for example. My first attempts — there were several — at this new pattern and heel technique nearly drove me […]


  3. That is a very pretty pattern! And the green yarn suits it so well :) Good for you working out the heel issue – it can be really interesting figuring out different methods of doing things!


  4. Melissa Says:

    Love your description of wrestling and ultimately resolving technique challenges. You are amazing. I love the color green on the sock(s). Mel

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Mel. I kept reminding myself that no one was keeping score (except me) and that I want to learn new things. Onward!


      • Melissa Says:

        Am starting a blue (sz 3) classic cardigan – just doing gauge right now. It’s knitted as one piece on straight needle then divided at top for back and 2 sides. Never did this before but looks very manageable. Learning new things is wonderful.

        Liked by 1 person

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