Family Weekend

Every so often I remind myself how fortunate I am to live near many members of my extended family and, even more so, that we love and enjoy spending time together.

Saturday evening, we gathered to celebrate Luke’s birthday with the usual delicious food, lively conversation, laughter, and of course, cake. His family has a traditional birthday cake, a scrumptious sour cream chocolate chip bundt cake topped with our cousin Tom’s grandmother’s chocolate glaze. Did you follow that or shall I draw a family tree?

old woman, two men, holding birthday cake with candles

Ben and Mom did the cake honors while Nora took care of the photography. Mary had prepared the meal, and Jim, Hank, and Mike were part of the chorus.

Sunday really felt like spring had sprung here in Greater Boston. Mild temperatures and a gentle breeze brought many people outdoors just to enjoy, well, being outdoors.

On our walk around the neighborhood after Mass, Mom and I spotted a few crocuses (croci?!) and dewdrops pushing through the mulch.

close up of purple crocus flower with bee on yellow stamen

As Mom’s ability to make sense of the world decreases, she increasingly focuses on physical details, like tearing each piece of junk mail into small strips before putting them into the recycling or zipping or buttoning every item of clothing when she puts it on a hanger. I remind myself that she’s controlling what she can, a comfort (I imagine) as she’s able to make sense of less and less each week.

Tidying (not full-fledged weeding) of gardens or plants that we encounter on our walks is a regular activity now that the snow is gone.

old woman in green coat next to stone wall, clearing dead plants from grassy garden

After lunch, we drove the 1/2 mile to the Arnold Arboretum and walked to the summit of Peter’s Hill, a wonderful spot to view the Boston skyline. More than a dozen other people had the same idea, jogging, walking, cycling, kite flying, and just sitting to enjoy the sensations of spring.

woman in green coat standing on hill overlooking Boston skyline in distance

Back home after supper, Patrick and I gathered around the computer for a five-person video chat with Hannah, Kevin, and Michael. Say what you will about how frustrating technology can be — and I’ve said plenty — but the chance to take a break from daily life — whether it’s laundry in Brooklyn, a group engineering project outside Philadelphia, or NCAA hoops in New Orleans — and talk with those who love you and know you best is damn near miraculous.

screenshot of group video chat

How’s the second sock coming along, you ask? That’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Family Weekend

  1. It is wonderful that you are so close with your family and enjoy spending time together! Yay for warmer days, too. I agree about technology – I Skype all the time with family members who are far away, and it is a real blessing!

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