The Thing About Babies

May 28, 2019

I’d figured out about a month ago that the log cabin blanket would be bigger than your usual baby blanket. OK, I figured it as soon as I started. The pattern is called Log Cabin Throw — no mention of “baby” at all.

But I really liked the color combination, and I’m a fan of the log cabin pattern, having made a couple of true baby blankets in a log cabin variation before (nine years ago?!).

One of the marvelous things about babies is that they grow. Baby Sawyer was born about two months ago, but I’ll get to meet him later this week. Someday he’ll be big enough to wrap this blanket around himself. Until then, his loving mama and papa can snuggle up with him.

Although it’s not my first choice, I used acrylic yarn for this blanket. I figure — and really hope — this gets many years of use and want to be sure it survives regular washings.

9 Responses to “The Thing About Babies”

  1. Doris Says:

    Love your blanket!
    Can you remember what the final skate actually was?


  2. […] other baby knit news, the recently-completed log cabin blanket seems to fit in just fine. I resisted the urge to tell his mother that she’s got it inside […]


  3. tinaor Says:

    Lovely! I think it’s a great idea to have made it bigger than baby size – as you say, they grow! My son was gifted a blanket when a newborn, I thought it was ridiculously huge for a gift at the time – little did I know it lasted as a snuggle blanket until he was about 10 !

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  4. What a lovely blanket! Lucky boy – great colors, and great design :)


  5. deemallon Says:

    It came out really nice! And I’m not just saying that because it’s a classic quilting pattern. It has a nice substantiality to it and with that, it makes sense that it’s bigger than a crib blanket.


  6. barbfessler Says:

    I love your blanket

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  7. Arlie Corday Says:

    So beautiful, Mary Ann!


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