WIP: Shawl and a Secret

August 14, 2019

With my latest socks blocking, I’ve got two WIPs, only one of which I can explain in detail at this point.

Several years ago, I swore never to knit mohair again — too fine and fuzzy for my fingers — but I was swept away by the Pretty Perfect Square on display during a visit to Churchmouse Yarns and Tea a couple months ago. I’m tweaking the pattern so I’ll have a rectangle wrap — eventually. All I’ve got now is 24in/62cm of lusciously soft stockinette stitch.

close up of knitting with fine grey yarn

Perhaps because this project is pretty mindless, I’ve started something a bit more fun. It’s also stockinette but in a much heavier and brighter yarn. It’s a stealth project, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see it in its final state.

close up of knitting with bright pink yarn

I think you’ll enjoy it.

6 Responses to “WIP: Shawl and a Secret”

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  2. Both are beautiful!


  3. AJ Says:

    They’re both gorgeous looking!


  4. tinaor Says:

    Look forward to reaf8ng more


  5. Melissa Says:

    Mary Ann – both yummy. Can’t wait to find out what shape “stealth” takes. Great color! I love Churchmouse patterns.

    Liked by 1 person

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