All sorts

During what I think was my first visit to another person’s home since mid-March, my friend Barbara gave me some wound sock yarn that she no longer wanted. During her sock-making efforts, she hadn’t been feeling like the Fearless Knitter she is — the repeated laddering was vexing her.

four balls of multi-colored yarns

The ball bands were missing, so I’m afraid I don’t know the yarn type although I’m pretty sure it’s KnitPicks’ Felici. The colorways may be discontinued, so I don’t know the names. Barbara herself gave the orange/blue/black/white combo the perfect name: Allsorts, named after the colorful licorice candy.

knit socks with white, black, yellow, fuschia, orange, and turquoise blue stripes, on gray stone floor

In other “news,” I’m delighted with my garden. Of course, this is how people have been feeding themselves for millenia, but it’s my first time, so I’m entitled to be a bit giddy, right? Check out these early radishes from June and this week’s golf ball-sized tomatoes.

close up of fresh-picked red radishes with light green stems
close up of seven small red tomatoes in silver bowl

In addition to enjoying the food, I’m learning (did you know that there are male and female squash blossoms? me neither!), practicing patience, and making notes for next year. I’ve got all sorts of ideas.

What’s striking your fancy this summer?

7 thoughts on “All sorts

  1. Oh my dear you have the bug………well we know you have the fiber bug, but the garden bug is soooo exciting. Oh the joy of crunching on your own veggies !! I’m so happy for you !! BTW smashing socks !!!


  2. In a non-knitting reply…. I was invited to use a neighbors very large Raised Bed #5 this Spring and planted birdhouse gourds that I raised from seed. The friends said to plant outside the Bed and so we went on to have 12 plants total. Only one has not grown flowers. I pace worrying if the bees have pollinated as needed – without them no gourd will grow. Two years ago I did get 3 gourds from one plant and it was pretty wonderful. So much energy from one (large) seed. Cheers to all who have gardens….. it is a lovely feeling to eat what you have grown and to watch things grow.

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