The thrill of a yarn bomb

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love yarn bombs.

These colorful, durable, public bursts of creativity never fail to make me smile. On my walk yesterday morning, I spotted a bright, stripe-y wrap around a home’s lamp post.

lamp post wrapped in knitted tube - striped yarn with bright blues and orange

Was it there the last time I walked on that street? Maybe, maybe not. That little bit of stealthiness is part of what makes yarn bombs — and yarn bombing — so fun.

When I “installed” (such a formal term for a pretty informal action) my most recent yarn bomb on a bench outside a cafe, people walking by stopped to chat or just looked from a distance.

Over the ensuing couple of years (yet another instance of my losing track of time), I’ve caught glimpses of people seeing the yarn bomb on my street corner for the first time — or maybe they’re noticing it for the first time. Children will often run their hands over it.

Our local parks & rec and cultural development departments are hosting another community yarn bomb project. A few years ago, we “decorated” a local lakeside park. We haven’t yet figured out what and where our creations will be and where they’ll live. Ideas are always welcome!

And if you’d like to participate by knitting (whether you’re local or not), leave a comment to let me know. When it comes to knitting, the more the merrier!

2 thoughts on “The thrill of a yarn bomb

  1. Happy to contribute some knit fodder for your next installation! Let me know your required dimensions and I’ll get to it. I’ve been looking for a next project. Good idea!


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