Slip Stitch Stashbuster Hat

After my moment of self-awareness about circular knitting preferences, I made pretty quick work of the Slip Stitch Stashbuster Hat. 

Slip Stitch Stashbuster, designed by Carolyn Little for Knit on Pearl

The generosity of knitters never fails to warm my heart — and expand my skills. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips for knitting in the round. Two circulars, DPNs, mini-circulars (9in/24cm), 16-inch circular with a switch to DPNs at the crown — you covered the gamut!

I’ve decided to forego a pom-pom on this one, but I reserve the option for future hats. And yes, there will be future versions of this clever pattern.

Using the slip stitch makes multi-colored knitting appear more complicated than it is — how clever. Unlike stranded knitting, you only knit with one color per round, slipping the occasional stitch from the previous round without working it. This technique stretches (elongates, really) the stitch across two rounds, pulling the color into the row above. 

Like I said, it’s clever.

The hat is definitely wearable, but I’m going to give it a couple of finishing touches. First, as with all my projects, I’ll wash and block it. Then, because winter in New England calls for a really warm hat, I’ll find a thin fleece beanie to stitch inside this beauty, thus adding a wind-blocking and insulating layer.  

Next up in “keeping warm in knits,” a quick, simple pair of fingerless mitts. What’s on your needles?

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