The more things change

What is my password to this blog?

Is anyone still out there?

What have I been doing for the past two years?

Some questions just can’t be answered. I can — and do — live in a space of not knowing. And fortunately, I found my password, which I promptly changed since it was essentially a teenager!

While the world — global and personal — has changed in ways large and small since I last was here, knitting has remained a constant companion — a lifeline in many ways. As former First Lady Michelle Obama wrote in her latest book and shared in recent interviews, knitting brought “a little splash of ease” to her mind when the pandemic upended her life.

The mental health benefits of knitting (and other crafting practices) have been well documented. Have you experienced them? I certainly have and continue to. Of course, knitting isn’t always soothing — far from it. I often tell recipients of my knitting that “there’s love knit into each stitch along with a boatload of few curse words interspersed for spice.”

My latest socks have been shipped to a beloved niece. The yarn had been part of my stash for a year or so, “souvenir yarn” purchased at The Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The Mardi Gras-themed colorway is Do Whatcha Wanna, dyed exclusively for the shop in Dream in Color‘s luscious swooshy cashmere.

two balls of purple green gold yarn on a plain background

As knit socks do — being oh-so-portable — they traveled with me as they were created. On the bus for a brief visit with daughter Hannah and son Kevin, who live in different boroughs of New York City.

partially knit sock in purple, green, and gold yarn, balanced on leg of bus rider.

I worked on the toe at a sun-lit bar where youngest son Michael and I enjoyed a late afternoon football game. The photo’s a bit blurry so the Eye of Partridge pattern on the heel flap isn’t as clear as I’d like.

partially knit sock in purple, green, gold yarn, laying on restaurant table with window in background

Back home, when both socks were off the needles and all ends had been woven in, I plopped them into the sink for a proper bath. I’m a full-immersion blocker — anything with wool gets a bath in the sink or tub with a bit of gentle soap and then is spread out to dry.

knitted socks in white sink of water with faucet pouring

A couple of years ago (maybe it was a few years — what is time anyway?), I bought a pair of sock shapers/frames. Are they a necessity? Absolutely not. Do they bring me a bit of joy? Definitely!

What’s on your needles these days? I’ve started a shawl, which requires my full attention and near-constant counting and chart consultation. It may be time for another pair of socks, too.

10 thoughts on “The more things change

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve just poked around your blog and am blown away by your yearly plan — wow! And I love the variety of socks you’ve made, especially the different colored heel. I may have to try that. Do you knit from top-down or toe-up?

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      1. I’m a toe up knitter. I divide the yarn into 2 balls before I start and then often knit the leg until the yarn runs out. I love knitting contrast toes and heels and even cuffs or at least stripes in the cuff.

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