Patching up – finally

When I first found the missing knit gloves that Michael had been searching for, I knew immediately that they had a few moth holes. On more careful inspection, however, I discovered there were quite a few -- some might say, many -- holes. With a bit of reframing, the situation shifted to "all the more … Continue reading Patching up – finally

Patching up

"Where are those gloves with the leather?" asked Michael when the weather turned a couple of months ago. We searched in all the usual places but came up empty handed. (Yes, that was intentional) Last week, during a fit of New Year's decluttering, I found the gloves -- in his brother Kevin's room (or should … Continue reading Patching up

The more things change

What is my password to this blog? Is anyone still out there? What have I been doing for the past two years? Some questions just can't be answered. I can -- and do -- live in a space of not knowing. And fortunately, I found my password, which I promptly changed since it was essentially … Continue reading The more things change

Slip Stitch Stashbuster Hat

After my moment of self-awareness about circular knitting preferences, I made pretty quick work of the Slip Stitch Stashbuster Hat.¬† Slip Stitch Stashbuster, designed by Carolyn Little for Knit on Pearl The generosity of knitters never fails to warm my heart -- and expand my skills. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips for knitting … Continue reading Slip Stitch Stashbuster Hat

Getting Out and Up

Getting outside first thing in the morning has been my routine for years. Every morning, usually before anyone else in the house is up, I've slipped out the front door, rain or shine or snow, slush, wind, cold. As poet-artist Brian Andreas captured so well: "I've always liked the time before dawn¬†because there's no one … Continue reading Getting Out and Up

The thrill of a yarn bomb

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love yarn bombs. These colorful, durable, public bursts of creativity never fail to make me smile. On my walk yesterday morning, I spotted a bright, stripe-y wrap around a home's lamp post. Was it there the last time I walked on that street? Maybe, maybe … Continue reading The thrill of a yarn bomb

A knitting confession

I don't like Magic Loop. There, I've said it.  Before you wonderful knitters reply to share your love of this knitting-in-the-round technique, I know. I know. You love it...for so many reasons. It's not as fiddly as using DPNs. One never has to worry about dropping a needle. Perhaps I'm just not doing it properly … Continue reading A knitting confession

This Year’s Ornament

Each year I give Hannah, Kevin, and Michael their own Christmas tree ornaments. Sometimes they're similar -- like the year each received a musical instrument corresponding to the one they were playing or the year I knit mini socks. Sometimes I'll find an ornament over the course of the year that just seems to fit … Continue reading This Year’s Ornament

Knitting Light

When it comes to knitting, I'm not a big planner. On the rare occasion that I finish a project and don't have something else ready to cast on, I'll start a pair of socks. In fact, I almost always have a sock-in-progress. In the Before Times, I'd throw a sock into my bag whenever I … Continue reading Knitting Light

The gift of knitting

You know the saying, "chopping wood warms you twice"? I propose a knitting corollary: knitting a gift for another is a gift for yourself. I've long known there's joy in the making and was recently given the chance to experience it. Last month, my nephew and godson asked if I'd be able to knit a … Continue reading The gift of knitting

Cap it off

In a "what is time anymore?" moment, I realized recently that it's been nearly two years since I've knit a sweater for myself. That gave me the spark needed to finish the body of On the Grass and move on to the sleeves. I've knit sweaters with raglan sleeves and set-in sleeves, but this is … Continue reading Cap it off

All sorts

During what I think was my first visit to another person's home since mid-March, my friend Barbara gave me some wound sock yarn that she no longer wanted. During her sock-making efforts, she hadn't been feeling like the Fearless Knitter she is -- the repeated laddering was vexing her. The ball bands were missing, so … Continue reading All sorts

Early May Musings

The weekend here in Greater Boston was gloriously warm and sunny, the kind of weather that makes you want to be outdoors even if you're just sitting on the steps. Because you can. You don't need to be doing anything (although you might). You don't need a jacket or hat. You don't even need sleeves! … Continue reading Early May Musings

Unplanned Design Elements

The "mistake" tag gets a fair bit of use on this little blog. As I tell fellow knitters -- whether in a class or a friend or knitting group companion -- the reason I'm able to fix a lot of knitting mistakes is that I've had an awful lot of practice. Recognizing your mistakes and … Continue reading Unplanned Design Elements

Bit by Bit

Adding to the sadness and loss of this wacky time we're all living in is Mom's slipping away. It's a normal part of dementia's progression, but it is truly brutal, especially since we've not been able to visit her for the past six weeks or so. The wonderful staff at her memory care residence have … Continue reading Bit by Bit

Practicing Patience

I remind myself at least once a day that I'm grateful to have developed a meditation practice over the past year or so. In the midst of the uncertainty and fear of this global pandemic, I'd be a hell of a lot more cranky, anxious, and weepy if I hadn't learned how to bring my … Continue reading Practicing Patience

A Game of Yarn Chicken

Every knitter gets there eventually -- pulled into a game of yarn chicken, wherein the amount of remaining yarn and the amount of project yet to be finished are too close to call. I played recently when I had this much yarn left just as I was about to start the toe of a second … Continue reading A Game of Yarn Chicken


If you'd asked me a month ago what I'd do with two weeks at home with no outside obligations except my regular freelance work which is done from home anyway, I'd have given you a list of projects. Knitting projects to finish and new ones to cast on (duh!), recipes I'd like to try, a … Continue reading Restless

WIP: Still a Sock

The first Vanilla Latte sock is done, finished on Saturday evening at an old acoustic music club where Patrick and I had gone to hear some blues. I managed to graft the toe during a break after the opening set. As usual, I followed TechKnitting's novel technique, which I've found makes a smoother toe. I … Continue reading WIP: Still a Sock

Non-knitting Lace

My knitting time has decreased significantly over the past six weeks or so because I'm no longer spending hours every day with Mom. I'm delighted to report that she is adjusting has adjusted really well to life at her new home, a nearby memory care residence to which my brothers and I moved her. She … Continue reading Non-knitting Lace