Just not sure about the fit

I often recommend neck warmers or cowls as a first knitting project. They're shorter than scarves, provide the opportunity for trying new stitches (garter stitch gets old really fast), and don't have to fit in the same way that a sweater does. I'm not so sure about the Albers cowl, but I suspect it's because I … Continue reading Just not sure about the fit

Running Short

You know that feeling when you do a quick mental-visual calculation and realize that the yarn you need is greater than the yarn you have? Yeah, that. While knitting with the good women of the midday Friday group at JP Knit & Stitch, I suddenly realized that I would a few yards short of the … Continue reading Running Short

When in Doubt, Read the Pattern

My Mom is full of old sayings, many of which are prefaced by "As my mother would say...." One of her favorites is "when in doubt, read the directions." So true, so true. I figured out why Square 2 of the Albers cowl was turning out to be significantly bigger than Square 1.  It wasn't … Continue reading When in Doubt, Read the Pattern

Simply Square

Beauty can be found in the intricate and the simple and, sometimes, in the combination of the two. For example, the Albers Cowl, which takes the simple square and, like its inspiration, Homage to the Square by designer-artist-educator Josef Albers, invites an almost endless interplay of color. The cowl was the project featured in the … Continue reading Simply Square

Shawls from the Top Down and Square from the Middle

In addition to the Albers Cowl, we've had workshops on knitting a top-down shawl and another on a square shawl, knit from the middle out. Ann's instruction has been spot-on -- just the right mix of explanation, theory, and flexibility. She's generous with her knowledge, which is extensive, clear in her instruction, and patient in … Continue reading Shawls from the Top Down and Square from the Middle

Color Theory or Making Your Colors Pop

Day #2, Knitting Cruise: Saturday morning started with a workshop on color theory, which, in simple terms, is using colors that work together so that each color looks its best. In our goodie bag, we each got a nifty color wheel, one more detailed than the one I recall getting in elementary school art class. … Continue reading Color Theory or Making Your Colors Pop