Virtual High-Five

There are many pleasures to finishing a project: being able to wear or use the completed item; knowing that someone else will be able to wear or use the completed item; anticipation of the gift-giving; moving on to another project (there's always another project!); And then there's the joy in sharing your finished creation with … Continue reading Virtual High-Five

Zig-zags on a Crescent

After a binding-off miscalculation, which resulted in a bit of tinking back and re-binding-off, the crescent shawl is done. It's a variation of Ann Weaver's basic triangle shawl; actually, a smaller version of her Saturated Shawl.  I didn't discover until I'd blocked it that I'd been less than consistent in my increases. The result is that … Continue reading Zig-zags on a Crescent

Taking the “Eeks!” out of Steeks

One of the captivating aspects of knitting is the engineering of the craft. It's ingeniously simple -- everything's made with two basic stitches -- but the variety, complexity, beauty, and artistry are endless. Various techniques are used to transform knits and purls into beautiful works of all kinds -- fine lace, Fair Isle sweaters and … Continue reading Taking the “Eeks!” out of Steeks

Shawls from the Top Down and Square from the Middle

In addition to the Albers Cowl, we've had workshops on knitting a top-down shawl and another on a square shawl, knit from the middle out. Ann's instruction has been spot-on -- just the right mix of explanation, theory, and flexibility. She's generous with her knowledge, which is extensive, clear in her instruction, and patient in … Continue reading Shawls from the Top Down and Square from the Middle

Color Theory or Making Your Colors Pop

Day #2, Knitting Cruise: Saturday morning started with a workshop on color theory, which, in simple terms, is using colors that work together so that each color looks its best. In our goodie bag, we each got a nifty color wheel, one more detailed than the one I recall getting in elementary school art class. … Continue reading Color Theory or Making Your Colors Pop

Knitting Cruise

I know that most people don't understand knitting. It's not just that they don't know HOW to knit (although I'm pretty sure almost everyone could learn); it's that they don't understand how someone could enjoy knitting -- and the company of fellow knitters -- so much. You can see it in their eyes, When I … Continue reading Knitting Cruise