The Thing About Babies

I'd figured out about a month ago that the log cabin blanket would be bigger than your usual baby blanket. OK, I figured it as soon as I started. The pattern is called Log Cabin Throw -- no mention of "baby" at all. But I really liked the color combination, and I'm a fan of … Continue reading The Thing About Babies

Knitting Across Generations

I didn't hesitate when my friend Jen texted to ask if I could help her daughter finish a blanket she'd knitted. She was returning to college in a couple of days and wanted to mail it off to a friend who could use some TLC from a long-distance buddy. While I didn't know what pattern … Continue reading Knitting Across Generations

When in Doubt

eleventh hour marled blanket

A few weeks ago, my friend Barbara asked for help adding an i-cord edge to the bulky seed stitch blanket she'd knit for her grandson, a first-year college student. (Purl Soho's Eleventh Hour Marled Blanket) Naturally, I was happy to help. If only it'd been so simple. After following my directions, she wasn't pleased with … Continue reading When in Doubt

Blanket Blocking

When I first started knitting -- several decades ago now -- projects were done when they came off the needles. If pieces needed to be stitched together, they were seamed and done. But more recently, I've become a blocking convert. Blocking - the process of using water and shaping to truly "finish" the piece -- … Continue reading Blanket Blocking

Wash and dry knits

Via my wonderful friend Cathie, a lesson in the resourcefulness of knitters and the durability of knitting. Picture this: Skilled attorney, frequent flyer, intrepid knitter Cathie in the airport lounge where she's passing the time during yet another Air Canada flight delay. Cup of coffee and suitcase by her side. In a perfect example of the domino … Continue reading Wash and dry knits

Surprisingly finished.

The Illusion Cube blanket is more than I thought it'd be. I knew the design was dead clever -- 56 individual hexagons, each knit to look like a cube. I knew the colors would be surprisingly lovely. Eight colors, each pair knitted twice in slightly different combination. Sure, each cube had about six ends to … Continue reading Surprisingly finished.

Coming Together Quite Nicely

Once I'd learned how to align the two-colored hexagons in the Illusion Cube blanket, the sewing together progressed pretty steadily and easily. I'd sit and sew a bit, then stuff the whole thing into my bag until the next time. I'd grab my bag when I left the house, just in case I found myself … Continue reading Coming Together Quite Nicely

Piecing it all together

By the time I'd finished each piece of the Illusion Cube blanket, I'd knit more than the required 56 hexagons. There were a few mistakes along the way -- duplicates of color combos, short-sided "cubes" (at least two of those). But finally, I was ready: Sewing it all together seemed pretty easy-peasy as I started. … Continue reading Piecing it all together

THAT doesn’t look right…. (take 2)

As I've noted before, there's no such thing as a knitter who doesn't make mistakes. Learning to spot mistakes and figuring out how to correct them is something every knitter must do. If you don't, you'll end up frozen -- confronted with a mistake that you're unable to fix and unable to continue your project. … Continue reading THAT doesn’t look right…. (take 2)

One by one by one

The first time I saw the Illusion Cube Blanket in the WEBS catalog (which regularly occupies space on my bedside table), I put it on my mental "to do" list. I love the variety of colors -- 8 in all -- and the geometry of each individual cube and of the overall piece. With the … Continue reading One by one by one

Next year already

As a Boston Red Sox fan, "there's always next year" has been my defense mechanism fan philosophy for decades. Each spring, I relish the return of the MLB season. The game radio broadcast is the aural wallpaper of my home: the play-by-play commentary, the background sound of the crowd as voices rise, fall, and cheer, the pause … Continue reading Next year already

More than Buttons

Finished the wee baby sweater (Puerperium Cardigan) except for the buttons and figured I'd pop into Webs on the way out of Northampton, arriving 10 minutes before it closed, so I'd be forced to make a quick choice and then be done. I arrived thinking the store closed at 5 but discovered closing time was … Continue reading More than Buttons

Random Thoughts of a Knitter in June

1.  Now that it's warm enough to knit outside, I find myself loving Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace (color #01) more and more.  The subtleties of the color changes are much easier to see in bright light.  See? 2. Still haven't mailed the log cabin baby blanket to Michael's teacher.  I really must get her … Continue reading Random Thoughts of a Knitter in June

How Long Did it Take to Knit That?

I'm never sure how to answer when someone asks how long it took me to finish a project.  The truth is, I just don't keep careful track of the time.  And I usually have several works in progress at the same time (OK, some have been sitting in a bag in the closet for a … Continue reading How Long Did it Take to Knit That?

Log Cabin Baby Blanket

There's a new life in the world!  I know that thousands of babies are born each day, but I always feel a special zing when one is born to someone I know.  Michael's fifth-grade teacher, the wonderful Ms. Ellis, had her first child on Sunday.  Both mama and baby are healthy, and really, what else … Continue reading Log Cabin Baby Blanket