Surprisingly finished.

The Illusion Cube blanket is more than I thought it'd be. I knew the design was dead clever -- 56 individual hexagons, each knit to look like a cube. I knew the colors would be surprisingly lovely. Eight colors, each pair knitted twice in slightly different combination. Sure, each cube had about six ends to … Continue reading Surprisingly finished.

THAT doesn’t look right…. (take 2)

As I've noted before, there's no such thing as a knitter who doesn't make mistakes. Learning to spot mistakes and figuring out how to correct them is something every knitter must do. If you don't, you'll end up frozen -- confronted with a mistake that you're unable to fix and unable to continue your project. … Continue reading THAT doesn’t look right…. (take 2)

One by one by one

The first time I saw the Illusion Cube Blanket in the WEBS catalog (which regularly occupies space on my bedside table), I put it on my mental "to do" list. I love the variety of colors -- 8 in all -- and the geometry of each individual cube and of the overall piece. With the … Continue reading One by one by one

Next year already

As a Boston Red Sox fan, "there's always next year" has been my defense mechanism¬†fan philosophy¬†for decades. Each spring, I relish the return of the MLB season. The game radio broadcast is the aural wallpaper of my home: the play-by-play commentary, the background sound of the crowd as voices rise, fall, and cheer, the pause … Continue reading Next year already