Something New Every Day

My first attempt at learning to crochet gave me new appreciation for the challenges of my beginner knitting students.

Girls Who Knit

For the past few weeks, I've been spending Monday afternoons teaching knitting to eight girls at a local after-school program. It's the most high-energy 90 minutes of my week! As always when I teach new knitters, a first lesson is to spot and then fix mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, and if you can't fix them, you're more likely … Continue reading Girls Who Knit

Quick Cotton Dishcloth

There are times when a quick, basic project is needed. That time for me usually involves the completion of one project and some indecision on what to make next. My go-to "palette cleanser" projects are baby hats and cotton dishcloths or washcloths (depending on the size). Last week it was a dishcloth. Not just any … Continue reading Quick Cotton Dishcloth

Treasures from Knitting Class

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love teaching knitting. One of the best parts is watching a knitter, novice or one with experience, work through a project -- deciphering a pattern, fixing the inevitable mistakes, and finally finishing. First up, Debbie, a beginner whose patience, good humor, and perseverance are remarkable. … Continue reading Treasures from Knitting Class

Update from the Knitting Classroom

My knitting students have started the New Year with burst of energy. Look at these finished creations...

Class time

I've said before how much I enjoy teaching knitting, and my current class is no exception. Once a week, these six intrepid women gather around the table, needles in hand, patterns laid out and personally annotated, and they dive into their projects. Chatting, whispered counting (34, 35 -- damn, I'm supposed to have 36!), an occasional … Continue reading Class time