Getting Out and Up

Getting outside first thing in the morning has been my routine for years. Every morning, usually before anyone else in the house is up, I've slipped out the front door, rain or shine or snow, slush, wind, cold. As poet-artist Brian Andreas captured so well: "I've always liked the time before dawn because there's no one … Continue reading Getting Out and Up

This Year’s Ornament

Each year I give Hannah, Kevin, and Michael their own Christmas tree ornaments. Sometimes they're similar -- like the year each received a musical instrument corresponding to the one they were playing or the year I knit mini socks. Sometimes I'll find an ornament over the course of the year that just seems to fit … Continue reading This Year’s Ornament

What I miss most

Despite the fear, anxiety, and tragedy of this pandemic year, I've managed to keep my spirits on an even keel for the most part. The privilege of being able to minimize my personal risks is the main reason. Meditation and prayer help, as does getting outdoors as much as possible. Finding purpose in work, helping, … Continue reading What I miss most

The gift of knitting

You know the saying, "chopping wood warms you twice"? I propose a knitting corollary: knitting a gift for another is a gift for yourself. I've long known there's joy in the making and was recently given the chance to experience it. Last month, my nephew and godson asked if I'd be able to knit a … Continue reading The gift of knitting

Cap it off

In a "what is time anymore?" moment, I realized recently that it's been nearly two years since I've knit a sweater for myself. That gave me the spark needed to finish the body of On the Grass and move on to the sleeves. I've knit sweaters with raglan sleeves and set-in sleeves, but this is … Continue reading Cap it off


If you'd asked me a month ago what I'd do with two weeks at home with no outside obligations except my regular freelance work which is done from home anyway, I'd have given you a list of projects. Knitting projects to finish and new ones to cast on (duh!), recipes I'd like to try, a … Continue reading Restless

Non-knitting Lace

My knitting time has decreased significantly over the past six weeks or so because I'm no longer spending hours every day with Mom. I'm delighted to report that she is adjusting has adjusted really well to life at her new home, a nearby memory care residence to which my brothers and I moved her. She … Continue reading Non-knitting Lace

Loving Reminder

I didn't follow through on my Valentine's Day tradition of knitting and giving little hearts. There's been a lot going on. It's not that people in my life aren't in need of reminders of how much they are loved. They most certainly are -- sometimes to the point that it takes my breath away. Frankly, … Continue reading Loving Reminder

Here and There

My routine for the past year or so has been pretty, well, routine. Early morning exercise, a few hours of business -- my consulting practice and/or household business -- then off to Mom's for the afternoon, and home again. Weekends are similar -- more Mom time and usually less work time. But over the past … Continue reading Here and There

The Little Things

The little things in life are so often the big things. I've been reminding myself of this over the past nine or ten months as I spend hours every day with Mom. It's not rocket science nor is it a new insight. It's just good to pause in the moment and realize. Untangling a poorly … Continue reading The Little Things

Sweet Tradition Belatedly

If I were an Orthodox Christian, this post would be just about on time, but I’m not. And it isn’t. But, as I ask myself regularly, “who’s keeping score?” With no children at home and Patrick on a chocolate-free kick, it was only the day before Easter that I pulled out the basket, hollow plastic … Continue reading Sweet Tradition Belatedly

Family Weekend

Every so often I remind myself how fortunate I am to live near many members of my extended family and, even more so, that we love and enjoy spending time together. Saturday evening, we gathered to celebrate Luke's birthday with the usual delicious food, lively conversation, laughter, and of course, cake. His family has a … Continue reading Family Weekend

Hands and Hearts

One of my life's treasures is friendships that span decades -- women (mostly) who've shared the ups, downs, and in-betweens, who can burst into laughter at the mere mention of a childhood memory and whose knowing glance and touch at long-ago or present pain is a balm. Trusting these friendships will last into our old … Continue reading Hands and Hearts

Summer Savor

Although our children are technically no longer school-age, the calendar still "resets" on Labor Day. Kevin and Michael are back at college, having finished their first week of classes and after journeying 300 and 1,500 miles respectively. As usual, I'm filled with conflicting emotions of hope -- a new year, a clean slate -- and … Continue reading Summer Savor

Knitting in the Whirlwind of Life

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind in this little corner of the world. And as I've wondered many a time -- including on the blog -- how do non-knitters weather the storms of life? For example, when your brother drives your Mom to the doctor's office after she's woken with a … Continue reading Knitting in the Whirlwind of Life

Another Epic Rally

Turns out that Chris and Karen's overnight visit to Nantucket, followed by a 12-hour journey home to Northern Virginia, was just the first travel rally of our vacation. [Note: neither Patrick nor I participated in either rally. We're supporters only.] Months ago, Hannah and her squad of four NYC Sister-Friends had synced their work schedules … Continue reading Another Epic Rally

Hazy Summer Days & an Epic Rally

I'm not naive enough to believe that vacations are long, lazy days that stretch on forever, but I must admit that I thought I'd be able to write a blog post or two during our vacation week. I chalk up my failure to achieve that "goal" to my brain being in decompression mode combined with … Continue reading Hazy Summer Days & an Epic Rally


Last week, while Mom and I hung out together and did our best to find refuge from the heat wave, Patrick took a quick trip to Cape Cod for a reunion with some of his cousins. He was pleasantly surprised to encounter nearly no traffic slow-downs on the nearly two-hour trip. Everyone who was heading … Continue reading Treasures

Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

I'm regularly surprised by how long it's been since we moved from the Washington, DC, area. I know, I know, "surprising" probably isn't the right word if I keep doing it, but really -- 21 years?! We've been fortunate to maintain friendships by visiting once a year or so and seeing friends whose travels take … Continue reading Back to the Old Stomping Grounds

Traditions and travels

The house is quiet again as Kevin and Michael left this morning via plane and car after being home for the past few days. As is my tradition, I baked the lamb cake, using the metal mold bought by my Mom more than 60 years ago in Boston's North End. I tweaked the recipe a … Continue reading Traditions and travels