All sorts

During what I think was my first visit to another person's home since mid-March, my friend Barbara gave me some wound sock yarn that she no longer wanted. During her sock-making efforts, she hadn't been feeling like the Fearless Knitter she is -- the repeated laddering was vexing her. The ball bands were missing, so … Continue reading All sorts

It’s Been a Minute

When a knitting project gets too big for travel, it's time to knit socks.

New Socks for the New Year

I've cast on my first project of 2017 -- good old reliable socks. These are in a blue and silver gray colorway, Beyond the Wall, of Felici Sock Yarn. To be completely candid (and why not be completely candid?), I cast on the first sock in late December but discovered after a few inches … Continue reading New Socks for the New Year