Life Lessons from a Sweater

Like many knitters, I'm usually always working on more than one project at a time. Recently, however, I've been playing favorites, spending much more time with a pair of socks than with the Sunshine Coast sweater. Sure, I can blame it on a deadline. The Monkey Socks (pattern on Ravelry and Knitty) are a birthday … Continue reading Life Lessons from a Sweater

First Mittens

Although already a competent knitter, Jeanne joined the Knitting 101 class at Stitch House a few weeks ago, accompanying friend Jean, a true novice. She's a terrific cheerleader for Jean, giving her tips and encouragement as she created her first project: a Wham Bam Thank You Lamb neck warmer. Jeanne arrived at last Saturday's class … Continue reading First Mittens

Knitting Amnesia

I generally don't pay much attention to the occasional "memory" that Facebook sends (because they care about me, of course!). But yesterday's caught my eye: While I vaguely recall knitting this bright, log cabin blanket, I have absolutely no memory of who I gave it to -- what new life sparked my desire to create … Continue reading Knitting Amnesia

For the New Life to Come

In the midst of breath-stopping tragedy and rage from my country's latest mass murder, finishing a knitting project for a baby-to-be has been a welcome respite. When the project made its last appearance on the blog, I was in search of buttons and had cast on for a little pair of shorts (or, as the … Continue reading For the New Life to Come

Wee Penny Plus Bottoms

Last Sunday, the lovely, almost-finished Wee Penny had an unfortunate encounter with a platter of baked chicken -- with some tasty but messy sauce, to be precise. If I wasn't the type of knitter who usually washed a finished project before blocking, I would have become one! A good sudsy soak and swish in the … Continue reading Wee Penny Plus Bottoms

Exuberant Girls with Yarn & Needles

Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy teaching knitting? Oh, I have? Maybe a couple or few times? Well, I'll say it again. Every Thursday afternoon since early January, I've been teaching fourth- and fifth-grade girls from a local after-school program how to knit. There's never a dull moment in what is definitely the … Continue reading Exuberant Girls with Yarn & Needles

How to Light a Fire Under a Knitter

Most of my afternoon knitting sessions with tween girls consist of a lively mix of joke telling, spontaneous singing and dancing, high volume stories of school, sports, and friends, and occasional knitting. I'll often knit a row or round for every one they knit. However, this week, I unconsciously threw down the knitting gauntlet (after all, … Continue reading How to Light a Fire Under a Knitter

Soft, Color-Shifting Cowl

After promising an update when I finished my second Chromatic Cowl, I completely forgot to post the finished product! In the intervening week or two since my back seat knitting, I completed the cowl and grafted the two ends together with the Kitchener stitch. I must be doing something wrong with my provisional cast-on because I ended … Continue reading Soft, Color-Shifting Cowl

Curlers in Her Hair

For the past few months, I've been monogamous in my knitting, working on Michael's sweater with the hope of finishing it by Memorial Day, when it's still cool here in Massachusetts. The sweater is finished, but it's not done. But that's a story for another day.... In the aftermath of finishing/not-finishing, I've cast on two … Continue reading Curlers in Her Hair

A Knitting Palette Cleanser

Just as when enjoying a big, complex meal, sometimes a knitter needs to cleanse her palette with something refreshing. I'm working on a sweater for Michael and am nearly done the second sleeve. But a couple of nights ago, I had the urge to finish something  -- anything. An early Valentine decoration fit the bill. Using … Continue reading A Knitting Palette Cleanser

Virtual High-Five

There are many pleasures to finishing a project: being able to wear or use the completed item; knowing that someone else will be able to wear or use the completed item; anticipation of the gift-giving; moving on to another project (there's always another project!); And then there's the joy in sharing your finished creation with … Continue reading Virtual High-Five

Surprisingly finished.

The Illusion Cube blanket is more than I thought it'd be. I knew the design was dead clever -- 56 individual hexagons, each knit to look like a cube. I knew the colors would be surprisingly lovely. Eight colors, each pair knitted twice in slightly different combination. Sure, each cube had about six ends to … Continue reading Surprisingly finished.