Turning a Hat into Fingerless Gloves

10 year old Brigid turned her hat-to-be into a fingerless glove.

Update from the Knitting Classroom

My knitting students have started the New Year with burst of energy. Look at these finished creations...

WTF does WYIF mean?

Several of the students in my knitting class want to learn how to read a pattern, so I've started them off on a delightful cotton washcloth. Washcloths are great first project because (1) there's a high probability you will finish (unlike a scarf which can be interminable), and (2) they provide ample opportunity for learning … Continue reading WTF does WYIF mean?

Back to Class

I'm so pleased to be teaching again! For the past two Wednesday mornings, a group of 8 intrepid women has gathered around the table and dived into knitting.  The two hours fly by -- at least, for me. Most of the students have knit before -- some many years ago, some intermittently, some just starting. … Continue reading Back to Class

My Kind of Scarf

Many of the beginning knitters I've taught think their first project should be a scarf, more often than not, a basic garter stitch scarf.  I generally counsel them against this, pointing out that scarves are really, really long and can get veeeeery boring very fast. I've written about moving beyond scarves before. I might suggest … Continue reading My Kind of Scarf