Return to the Shop

It's been ages since I dropped by the marvelous JP Knit & Stitch for a sit-down with some kick-ass knitters. Yesterday's hourlong session renewed my spirit and my commitment to not let so much time pass before I return. Shelley, the brains and brawn behind the Sheep Ahoy Cruise, was working on two projects. I'm … Continue reading Return to the Shop

Score 1 for the Cozy Knit Cowl

I'm happy to report that my dear niece seems to like her GAPtastic cowl. Given that she's heading into finals week (read: late nights, walking across a wintery campus, lots of coffee, and too-little sleep), staying warm and cozy is a priority. In other news, I've made a side trip to Northampton for a consulting … Continue reading Score 1 for the Cozy Knit Cowl

Cozy Knits for a Birthday Girl

My Twitter feed is full of ideas for gift knitting. As we get closer to Christmas, there are more "quick knits" made with chunky, bulky, and super bulky yarn. Someone could probably track how the changes in yarn weights correspond with amount of time until Christmas. But that someone isn't me because I've got gifts to knit. … Continue reading Cozy Knits for a Birthday Girl

Starlight Gaptastic

As a non-monogamous knitter, I often juggle a couple few projects at a time, often ones that differ in complexity or portability. Socks that can be stuffed into a purse for knitting, without the need to consult the pattern, on the subway or waiting room (there's a lot of waiting in life!). A shawl or … Continue reading Starlight Gaptastic

Update from the Knitting Classroom

My knitting students have started the New Year with burst of energy. Look at these finished creations...