The gift of knitting

You know the saying, "chopping wood warms you twice"? I propose a knitting corollary: knitting a gift for another is a gift for yourself. I've long known there's joy in the making and was recently given the chance to experience it. Last month, my nephew and godson asked if I'd be able to knit a … Continue reading The gift of knitting

Nothing like finishing

Each Friday, I spend 90 minutes with 7 or 8 fourth grade girls at a nearby after-school program. I'm there to teach knitting, but mostly I just try to keep up with their questions, energy, anxieties, and aspirations. "Help! I messed up! Oh wait, never mind." "I want to knit slippers. How many stitches should … Continue reading Nothing like finishing

Score 1 for the Cozy Knit Cowl

I'm happy to report that my dear niece seems to like her GAPtastic cowl. Given that she's heading into finals week (read: late nights, walking across a wintery campus, lots of coffee, and too-little sleep), staying warm and cozy is a priority. In other news, I've made a side trip to Northampton for a consulting … Continue reading Score 1 for the Cozy Knit Cowl

Cozy Knits for a Birthday Girl

My Twitter feed is full of ideas for gift knitting. As we get closer to Christmas, there are more "quick knits" made with chunky, bulky, and super bulky yarn. Someone could probably track how the changes in yarn weights correspond with amount of time until Christmas. But that someone isn't me because I've got gifts to knit. … Continue reading Cozy Knits for a Birthday Girl

Gift-Knitting Jump Start

Just a couple of days after her new speckled, hand-dyed yarn dried, friend Shelley had selected complementary yarn. Look how great the green and blue (Encore by Plymouth Yarns) pick up the similar colors in her hand-dyed sample. By now, I expect she's already cast on and is creating a great hat that one of her … Continue reading Gift-Knitting Jump Start

Lessons Learned on Re-Sizing a Sweater

finished stranded knit sweater in gift box

There are lots of online tips for making a too-big sweater smaller. But as I discovered when I had the opposite problem -- a too-small sweater that needed enlarging -- there wasn't a lot of help. With a fair bit of in-person, online, and book research, I was able to figure out how to make … Continue reading Lessons Learned on Re-Sizing a Sweater

Striped Socks…Belatedly


I gave more knitted gifts for Christmas last year than I had before. Usually I start around Thanksgiving, and it doesn't take a genius to realize that that's not enough time to make more than a couple of items. I'm not a chunky knit, make-it-in-a-day knitter although I definitely understand the appeal. Knitting whenever and … Continue reading Striped Socks…Belatedly

A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month

Like every knitter I know, buying yarn is one of my favorite activities. Actually shopping for yarn -- looking, fondling, planning, dreaming of wondrous projects -- is enjoyable in and of itself. With a new skein of beautiful merino or handpainted sock yarn, the possibilities are nearly endless. Imagine my delight when my sweet husband … Continue reading A Knitter’s Christmas…Every Month

A Knitter at Heart

My sister-friend Liz and I have been friends for more than four decades. We grew up together in central Maine and now are fortunate enough to live about 1.5 miles from each other. We have a walking date every Wednesday morning at 6:00am -- and we go out year-round, which in New England means in … Continue reading A Knitter at Heart