Loving Reminder

I didn't follow through on my Valentine's Day tradition of knitting and giving little hearts. There's been a lot going on. It's not that people in my life aren't in need of reminders of how much they are loved. They most certainly are -- sometimes to the point that it takes my breath away. Frankly, … Continue reading Loving Reminder

Quick Knit for Valentine’s Day

Whew, I made it just under the wire! Ok, ok, there's no wire. Valentine's Day is not a big holiday in my family. We're firm believers in expressing love every day in ways large and small, and yes, with chocolate at any time of the year. But with all the cute heart-shaped knitting projects around, … Continue reading Quick Knit for Valentine’s Day

A Knitting Palette Cleanser

Just as when enjoying a big, complex meal, sometimes a knitter needs to cleanse her palette with something refreshing. I'm working on a sweater for Michael and am nearly done the second sleeve. But a couple of nights ago, I had the urge to finish something  -- anything. An early Valentine decoration fit the bill. Using … Continue reading A Knitting Palette Cleanser

Love on the Street

I don't usually take my phone when I run in the morning. I don't want to be connected or reachable. But recently I've been walking, instead of running, in an attempt to let an injury heal and have started listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Since my phone is also a camera, I sometimes … Continue reading Love on the Street