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First Helix Stripes

January 3, 2019

The latest in my ongoing quest to learn new knitting techniques (and, at least once so far, crochet techniques) has been helical stripes — sometimes called “helix stripes.” They’re single stripes in the round — and at first glance, look like regular stripes — but they don’t have the usual “jog” that appears when switching colors. 


The lovely Shibui Staccato leftover from the color block mitts seemed like the perfect combination. 

Helix stripes aren’t really stripes; they’re spirals. Each color is knit partway around the circle, then the next color is used (without twisting the strands), then the third. And so on. 

The spirals are easiest to see at the crown. Pick a color and follow it down from the crown. See?


I found this video by Pepperly helpful in explaining how to knit helix stripes. She was a bit more concerned about avoiding tangling the three yarns than I was. My solution was to occasionally do a big untangle rather than taking care not to get tangled in the first place!

I quite like the finished project and most definitely like that I’ve learned a new technique.

However, as with the fingerless mitts made with the same yarn, I don’t know who I’ll give the hat to! Anyone looking for a matched set?

What knitting technique or pattern have you learned recently? Or what’s on your list?





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