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Bermuda Knits

July 31, 2013

As promised, here’s a photo of Barb’s triangle scarf. She is one speedy and talented knitter.


Mom, Cathie, Barb, and I have spent the past 2 1/2 days enjoying Bermuda, someplace I’ve never been before.

After we arrived mid-day Sunday, we walked around the King’s Wharf Royal Dock area, a former military installation that’s been converted into an historic site combined with cruise and tourism services. That means the waterfront is deep enough to dock a huge cruise ship like ours.


Since it was Sunday when we arrived, many of the stores in Hamilton and St. George’s, the two major cities, were closed. So we walked about the dockyard, visiting a couple of local arts centers, a glass-blowing workshop, a clay and pottery studio, and a traditional rum cake bakery. It was beastly hot and humid, so we moved slowly and sat in the shade on a regular basis.


Although knitting doesn’t seem to be a popular pastime in Bermuda, we were delighted to find some yarnbombing in the area.


In the evening, the knitters gathered in an indoor bar on one of the upper decks and enjoyed an hour or so of drinks and conversation. A few of the significant others sat a table across the room and chatted amongst themselves, no doubt sharing tales of “just one more row” and the joys of having a partner who’s an obsessed committed and creative knitter.


On Monday the four of us took a terrific bus tour around the island, led by an informative, engaging, and funny guide. He shared lots of history of the island, most of which I was completely ignorant of. I didn’t realize that Bermuda was first settled by the English in the early 1600s nor that Bermudians dumped barrels of gunpowder, destined to be used against the American colonists, into the sea.

This lovely and sturdy chapel was built, using Bermuda cedar and limestone, around 1610.


The landscape, flora, and fauna (does that include birds?) are just spectacular.


In St. George’s, we watched an historical reenactment of a public punishment of a woman who was “sentenced” to 7 ocean dunks, public shaming, for the crime of nagging her husband. Chatting with the woman before the event, we learned that her “day job” the deputy speaker of the Parliament of Bermuda. She says this gig, which I believe she performs 6 or 7 days a week is the most fun she’s ever had!



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