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Beginner Brioche (Not Bread)

October 15, 2018
Continuing my quest to learn new things (and no, I’ve not finished the crochet cowl), I went to this month’s knitting guild meeting to learn to do the brioche stitch. Coming from a family of foodies and talented bakers, I’d only known about the edible brioche. The knitted version is a deceptively simple-looking, extra squishy stitch that is often knit in two colors. The guild instructor brought a sample of this Beginner Brioche Cowl.
Looks a bit like stockinette stitch — rows of knit stitches in columns of alternating colors. As I said, deceptively simple. Something I learned: counting is different in brioche. Each row is worked twice, and a single stitch plus an accompanying yarn over (which, for some reason, is referred to as its “shawl”) is counted as one stitch. Go figure! We started with one color brioche. I made the mistake of using the dark grey yarn I’d brought. Pro tip: stitches are easier to see in a lighter color. Nonetheless, I was able to work a few rows of real brioche. brioche-guild After everyone had worked a few rows in a single color, we ripped them out and dived in to two-color brioche. The instructions provided were all words — no diagrams or photos – which added to the challenge. I found myself chanting quietly as I worked across each row. The meditative aspect of knitting in action. twocolor-brioche I was pretty pleased with the way the grey knit stitches stood out from the orange purl bumps. But when I turned it over, I could see that I’d done something wrong. See how the grey cuts across the lovely orange column? back-brioche Being a novice briocher (is that a thing?), I couldn’t figure out what exactly I’d done wrong, but I knew that the error extended across a row. Looks like a purl that should’ve been a knit. Maybe. Although I ripped out the second swatch at the end of the meeting, I haven’t given up the possibility of a future brioche project. Maybe the Beginners Brioche Cowl in a couple of beautiful colors of bulky weight yarn. I’m open to all suggestions and recommendations. In the meantime, I’m making good progress with Starshower. I really enjoy the pattern and love the yarn — just hoping that it softens and drapes more once it’s blocked. starshower-cowl
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